SafetyChain Software Presents “Conquering HACCP and HARPC Management: The Power of Automation” – August 6, 2015 Food Safety Webcast

SafetyChain Food Safety & Quality Assurance Tech Talk to focus on how today’s food safety automation technologies automate HACCP and prepare companies for FSMA’s HARPC plans

SafetyChain Software, leaders in Food Safety Chain Management Systems that Automate, Streamline & Improve Food Safety and Quality Assurance™ (FSQA), is pleased to announce the newest topic in its ongoing FSQA Tech Talk series, “Conquering HACCP and HARPC Plan Management: The Power of Automation” – taking place August 6, 2015, at 10 a.m. PDT. Interested parties can learn more here.

The interactive webcast will feature Dan Bernkopf, SafetyChain’s VP of Food Safety and Quality Applications – who spent 35+ years in senior food safety management positions in a variety of well-known food producers and manufacturers. Dan will share his insights on how emerging HACCP / HARPC automation solutions help companies:

  • Effectively assess risks to create CCPs / Preventive Controls that work
  • Ensure all HACCP / HARPC plan components are scheduled, monitored and documented
  • Minimize waste and rework with realtime NCRs for timely CAPAs
  • Collect food safety data at the source with mobile technology – with uploads for “once and done” permanent records
  • Conduct meaningful trend analysis for continuous improvement with accessible, actionable data
  • Be audit ready all the time for USDA, FDA and customer inquiries

Food safety and compliance professionals, as well as operations and other interested parties, are invited to attend this complimentary event. Following the presentation and question and answer session, participants are invited to stay online for an optional demonstration of SafetyChain Software’s HACCP / HARPC automation solution.

“Managing HACCP, and soon HARPC, plans manually can be resource-intensive and inefficient, often leaving food safety teams feeling like they’re managing paper vs. programs – as well as having a sense of being ‘data rich but information poor’ when it comes to continuous improvement. But automation can help – and we’re very excited to be presenting this webinar and having a pro like Dan Bernkopf share his insights and experience with our attendees,” said Barbara Levin, SafetyChain SVP and Co-founder.

Additional upcoming FSQA Tech Talks include:

  • October 16: YES – You Can be Audit Ready All the Time

Once participants sign up for one FSQA Tech Talk they will automatically receive notice of the next topic along with login/call information.

SafetyChain’s FSQA Tech Talk Series is a part of SafetyChain’s 2015 FSQA Technology Series: “Enabling Technologies – The Food Safety & Quality Assurance Game Changer” – which includes Leadership Forums, FSQA Tech Talks and Executive Briefsfocusing on the critical role of FSQA enabling technologies in effectively and efficiently executing on today’s top food safety and quality challenges. To learn more visit

About SafetyChain Software
SafetyChain Software is the leading vendor of Food Safety Chain Management Systems that Automate, Streamline & Improve FSQA at all points along a company’s supply chain – upstream, downstream and internally. SafetyChain for Food™ includes integrated modules for Supplier Compliance, Safety and Quality Management, Regulatory and GFSI Compliance, Food Safety Audit Readiness and Mobile FSQA applications for smart phones and tablets. SafetyChain for Food is an affordable, cloud-based solution with hard-dollar Return on Investment, and is used globally by leading companies across all food industry sectors.

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