SafetyChain Software Announces New Food Safety & Quality Assurance eBrief on the Power of FSQA Mobile Applications for Anytime, Anywhere FSQA

eBrief Outlines Why FSQA Mobile Applications are Key to the Success of Food Safety and Quality Assurance Automation Initiatives

SafetyChain Software, leaders in Food Safety Chain Management Systems that Automate, Streamline & Improve Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA)™, is pleased to announce the availability of a new eBrief to help food and beverage companies gain insights on why FSQA mobile applications are an integral part of food safety and quality automation initiatives.

This eBrief, titled, “FSQA On the Go: The Power of Food Safety & Quality Assurance Automation via Mobile Applications” discusses the key benefits of FSQA Mobile Applications, and how FSQA teams are now able to take the power of automation with them “on the go” to:

  1. Eliminate paper “clipboard forms” and redundant data entry by collecting FSQA data at the point of origin
  2. Reduce waste and rework with immediate, real-time data analysis, non-conformance alerts and Corrective / Preventive Action (CAPA) generation
  3. Ensure all food safety and quality tare correctly completed and documented
  4. Respond to food safety and quality audits and inquiries on-demand
  5. Eliminate “data rich but information poor” syndrome with accurate, accessible, actionable data for continuous improvement

The paper is complimentary and can be downloaded here.

“Food safety, quality and operations folks are not sitting at their desks all day. They might be offsite doing a supplier audit. Or performing HACCP checks on the plant floor. Or meeting with regulators and auditors. So they need food safety and quality automation tools that can go with them,” commented, Barbara Levin, SafetyChain SVP and Co-founder. Levin continued, “FSQA Mobile Apps are becoming a real game changer for automation initiatives, allowing food safety and quality teams to streamline and improve FSQA and operations from anywhere, at any time.”

This Executive Brief is offered as a part of SafetyChain’s 2015 FSQA Technology Series: “Enabling Technologies – The Food Safety & Quality Assurance Game Changer” – a series of Leadership Forums, Tech Talks and Executive Briefs focusing on the critical role of FSQA enabling technologies in effectively and efficiently executing on today’s top food safety and quality challenges. To learn more about SafetyChain’s FSQA Technology Series visit:

About SafetyChain Software
SafetyChain Software is the leading vendor of Food Safety Chain Management Systems that Automate, Streamline & Improve FSQA at all points along a company’s supply chain – for what comes in, what they do with it and what goes out. SafetyChain for Food™ includes integrated modules for Supplier Compliance, Safety and Quality Management, Regulatory and GFSI Compliance, Food Safety Audit Readiness and SafetyChain Mobile for anywhere/anytime FSQA. SafetyChain for Food is an affordable, cloud-based solution with hard-dollar Return on Investment, and is used globally by leading companies in all food industry verticals, including suppliers/growers, manufacturers, distributors and food service / retail.

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