SafetyChain Software and The Acheson Group Launch 2016 FSMA Readiness and Compliance Strategy Survey

FSMA survey designed to assess how ready the food industry is for FSMA and the impact preparing for FSMA compliance is having on companies

SafetyChain Software, leaders in food safety and quality automation solutions and The Acheson Group, a strategic consulting firm for food and beverage companies are pleased to announce the launch of its “2016 FSMA Readiness and Compliance Strategy” Survey. The objective of this survey is to assess how prepared organizations are for FSMA and the strategies and tools being deployed to ensure compliance.

“With five of the seven major rules finalized, and the final two rules expected within the next few months – companies that are affected by the FDA’s Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) are now under deadlines to ensure compliance,” commented Jill Bender, VP Marketing with SafetyChain. “It is our goal with this survey to better understand, and share with the industry and peers alike, the varying stages of the industry’s FSMA preparedness, including strategies and operational changes being considered and deployed to ensure FSMA readiness,” continued Bender.

Commented Dr. David Acheson, with The Acheson Group: “Now that the final rules are upon us, assessing gaps within current food safety plans, updating programs and ensuring the right processes and infrastructures are in place to manage compliance will be imperative for all companies affected by FSMA.” Continued Acheson, “As companies continue the process of analyzing the impact FSMA has on their organizations and defining strategies to ensure compliance, this survey will help provide additional insights and perspective on FSMA preparedness strategies, and we look forward to sharing the results.”

Initial survey results will be shared during the February 26 FSMA Fridays session with Dr. David Acheson and The Acheson Group team. Hosted by SafetyChain Software and The Acheson Group, FSMA Fridays is an online, monthly forum that helps the food and beverage industry stay up-to-date on FSMA and provide guidance on preparing for compliance. More information at:

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