Neumann Risk Services (NRS) Joins SafetyChain Software Preferred Partner Program

Both NRS consulting services and SafetyChain’s food safety and quality management software solutions help the food industry implement a risk-based, preventive approach to food safety and quality

SafetyChain Software™, the leader in food safety and quality management solutions is very pleased to announce that Neumann Risk Services, LLC (NRS), a leading food law, regulatory compliance and food safety risk management firm has joined the SafetyChain Preferred Partner Program.NRS SafetyChain Partner

Members of the SafetyChain Software program work together to help clients create and successfully execute best-in-class food safety and quality programs.

  • Neumann Risk Services, LLC is founded by global food safety attorney Melanie Neumann, J.D., M.S. Melanie has a master’s in food safety and the NRS team and network specializes in helping the food industry understand and implement the ever-changing global food safety regulations as well as identify and assist updating food safety programs, supply chain and recall and crisis management programs to manage risks that may impact a company’s business and brand risks and bottom line.
  • SafetyChain Software is the leading vendor of cloud-based food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) management solutions. SafetyChain’s comprehensive automation platform – the SafetyChain FSQA Operating System – helps improve operational performance by helping FSQA teams more effectively manage and ensure compliance of food safety, quality and supplier programs, trend program data for continuous improvement and respond to inquiries and audits 24/7. SafetyChain’s solutions deliver hard-dollar Return on Investment and are used globally by companies throughout the food supply chain – suppliers, growers, manufacturers, distributors, food service and food retail.

“SafetyChain aligns with industry leading consulting organizations that can help our clients create best-in-class FSQA programs. The synergies between SafetyChain’s solutions and Neumann Risk Services will bring significant value to our mutual clients and prospects, and we are very proud to have Melanie Neumann and her team join our preferred program,” said Jill Bender, VP Marketing, SafetyChain Software.

“In today’s complex food supply chain environment, leveraging technologies to more effectively manage food safety and quality risks is becoming more critical than ever especially in complying with regulatory, third party and customer requirements. The stakes are higher than ever before. SafetyChain delivers both comprehensive FSQA management solutions and highly responsive customer service that can help companies manage risk– and NRS is very excited to be affiliating with Safety Chain,” added Neumann Risk Services Founder, Melanie Neumann.

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