Nature’s Variety Partners with SafetyChain to Bring a Proactive, Preventative Approach to Food Safety and Quality

FSQA Automation Part of Quality Leadership Initiatives in the Natural Pet Food Market

SafetyChain Software, the leader in Safety Chain Management solutions that help manage and promote safety and quality compliance at all points in a consumable goods supply chain, is very pleased to announce that Nature’s Variety, a leader in the natural, holistic pet food market, has selected SafetyChain as its partner to automate food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) programs for a proactive approach to quality.

Nature’s Variety is deploying SafetyChain for Food™ to:

  • Support FDA, USDA, HACCP and SQF compliance
  • Provide robust operational FSQA specification monitoring during production
  • Automate alerts when non-compliance is detected for immediate corrective actions as well as corrective action documentation
  • Automate notification and monitoring of food safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Create a centralized, easily accessible repository of FSQA data and information for trending, audit-readiness and data traceability
  • Automate supplier compliance and document management to support approved vendor programs
  • Automate Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for outbound shipments to customers

“Here at Nature’s Variety, we are committed to being the quality leader in the natural pet food market. This means continuously looking at our FSQA programs for opportunities to take safety and quality to the next level. With SafetyChain for Food, we’ll be able to automate previously manual processes to help prevent non-compliant ingredients from entering production – and non-conforming finished products from going out. Additionally, we’ll have tools to support our compliance programs more effectively – along with easily accessed data for performance trending,” said Ed O’Neill, Vice President of Quality Systems and Technical Services for Nature’s Variety.

Added Tina Teska, Quality Assurance Manager for Nature’s Variety, “We selected SafetyChain for several reasons, including the comprehensive functionality of its food safety and quality software solutions, the fact that it supports both quality and safety up and down our supply chain as well as for internal operations, and the food industry expertise of its team.”

“SafetyChain for Food is designed to help our customers prevent food safety and quality issues before they start – promoting compliance, preventing potential withdrawals or rejections, protecting brand and keeping cost of goods made within key performance indicators (KPIs). Think ‘smoke detector’ vs. having to repair the damage from a fire; prevention is always more effective than reaction. That’s why we’re so excited to work with Nature’s Variety. They embrace the strategy of prevention as a means to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality, and we’re very excited to welcome them to the SafetyChain customer community,” said Barbara Levin, SafetyChain Senior Vice President and Co-Founder.

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SafetyChain Software specializes in realtime safety and quality compliance management for providers of consumable goods. SafetyChain Software’s SafetyChain for Food™ helps the food and beverage industry manage safety and quality compliance in realtime – preventing non-compliant ingredients, raw materials and finished product from coming in or going out. With SafetyChain for Food’s affordable solution modules – for Supplier Compliance & Management, Safety & Quality Data Reporting, HACCP/GFSI Compliance and Customer & Finished Product Compliance – food growers, producers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, food services and importers save time, save money and create efficiencies that contribute to the bottom line. SafetyChain for Food is a global, Software-as-a-Service solution, designed for fast deployment and even faster ROI.