Florida Caribbean Distillers Partners With SafetyChain Software to Support Best-in-Class Food Safety & Quality Initiatives

The latest new customer to go live with SafetyChain for Food leverages Food Safety Chain Management technology as part of creating a company-wide safety-driven culture

florida-distillers-85169982SafetyChain Software – innovators of realtime safety chain management solutions that help customers save time, save money and increase efficiencies for food safety and quality compliance – is pleased to announce that Florida Caribbean Distillers – a leading manufacturer of brand and co-packed alcohol products, juices and flavorings – is the latest new customer to go live on solutions that are contributing to the Distillers’ company-wide initiatives designed around creating a best-in-class, safety-focused culture.

Crista Lowery, who manages regulatory compliance at Distillers, explained, “Here at Florida Caribbean Distillers, food safety and quality assurance aren’t just tasks that need to be checked off – they are inherent components of our company culture. We don’t just assume that because we sell a distilled product that it is inherently safe. We go the extra mile to ensure that when products reach the customer they are both safe and of the quality that the market has come to expect from us.”

To ensure this level of confidence Distillers has: engaged each employee to buy-in to a safety-driven culture, become just the 2nd distillery to achieve FSSC 22000 certification under the GFSI standard, implemented a quarterly mock recall program and deployed Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) technology from SafetyChain Software.

Lowery is driving the technology implementation project at Distillers, who will be using SafetyChain for Food to:

  • Manage the document overload associated with compliance from thousands of suppliers and myriad specifications for its many customers
  • Ensure that SOPs, CCPs, PRPs and other requirements are followed – with auto-notifications when tasks are due
  • Electronically analyze FSQA test results in realtime, with automated alerts when non-conforming results are detected – facilitating
  • Corrective/Preventive Actions in a timely manner before, for example, small problems get to the point of becoming large withdrawals and recalls
  • Have a centralized, time/date stamped repository of FSQA data for trending and on-demand response to regulatory, 3rd party and customer inquiries or audits
  • SQF compliance and program automation
  • Conduct realtime assessments from mobile devices anywhere, at anytime – promoting the ability to spend more time at plants or with customers vs. hours and hours of manually inputting data

“Because our ultimate goal is to do everything we can to ensure a safe, quality product, we felt that deploying the right technology was crucial. We chose SafetyChain because we were impressed that we could keep track of so much moving data, manage it and access it from anywhere in the world. SafetyChain will allow me to monitor trends and connect it back to my continuous improvement program. I can also monitor KPIs and keep these handy for whenever the auditors visit. We thought that we would have to go to multiple vendors to get so much functionality but the SafetyChain system is very robust and manages our inbound, internal and outbound food safety and quality needs,” said Lowery.

“Crista and the team at Florida Caribbean Distillers have a very strategic and forward-thinking culture when it comes to food safety and quality. Their underlying goal of ensuring that end consumers get a safe, quality product drives them to take a very preventive – vs. reactive – approach to food safety and we’re very proud to be partnering with them,” said Barbara Levin, SafetyChain SVP and co-founder.

About SafetyChain Software
SafetyChain Software’s SafetyChain for Food™ helps the food and beverage industry manage safety and quality compliance in realtime – preventing non-compliant ingredients, raw materials and finished product from coming in or going out. With SafetyChain for Food’s affordable solution modules – for Supplier Compliance & Management, Safety & Quality Data Reporting, HACCP/HARPC/GFSI Compliance and Customer & Finished Product Compliance – food growers/suppliers, manufacturers/co-packers, brokers/distributors/importers and Foodservice/retailers save time, save money and create efficiencies that contribute to the bottom line. SafetyChain for Food is a global, Software-as-a-Service solution, designed for fast deployment and even faster ROI. For more information: www.safetychain.com

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