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webinar title eq

How to Lower Your Risk by Lowering Your Company’s Exposure Quotient (EQ)

Melanie Neumann, founder of Neumann Risk Services, LLC (NRS), shares insights on how to understand and evaluate the key risks your organization should be managing that impact food safety and risk management, determine your company’s current risk level by rating the risk each of these key risks have on your organization, the sum total revealing your[…]

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webinar title gaps

FSMA Preventive Controls – Identifying Gaps in Your Food Safety Programs

When does a potential hazard require a preventive control? What are the key approaches in assessing risks? Biggest gaps often found in food safety programs? Common barriers in making improvements? In this informative roundtable discussion with HACCP Consulting[…]

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webinar title haccp

Conquering HACCP, HARPC & Food Safety Plan Management – The Power of Automation

SafetyChain VP of Food Safety and Quality Applications Dan Bernkopf discusses how automation technology is helping food safety teams manage HACCP and HARPC plans. He also shares insights on assessing risks to create CCPs/Preventive Controls[…]

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Webinar title FSSC

GFSI Leadership Series: FSSC 22000 in the Age of FSMA

FSSC 22000 U.S. Liaison Dr. Jacqueline Southee discusses how FSSC 22000 aligns with FSMA. Dr. Southee also covers what changes to FSSC 22000 have been made, what companies who are or plan to be FSSC 22000 certified should be doing now for FSMA compliance, and much more.

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Webinar title understanding cost

Understanding, Managing and Reducing Cost of Quality

Guest speaker Lamont Rumbers, President and Founder of Fully Integrated Quality Solutions (FIQS) and former Senior Director of Quality at Sam’s Club , discusses how to better understand, manage and reduce cost of quality. He also shared insights […]

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Webinar title unleashing

Unleashing the Power of the Cloud on FSQA

Guest speaker Michele Eddy, Corporate QA Manager at UniSea, joins SafetyChain’s Geoff Nelson to discuss anywhere, anytime FSQA management, common misconceptions, business drivers for automation, employee adoption, and more.

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Webinar title tackling

Tackling Regulatory/FSMA, GFSI, Customer & Internal Audits

Guest speaker Kyle Joyce, Director of Product Strategy at SafetyChain Software, discusses the top 5 areas in which food and beverage companies are leveraging technology to ensure program adherence and promote audit readiness.[…]

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Webinar title sqf

GFSI Leadership Series: SQF in the Age of FSMA

SQFI’s Senior Vice President Robert Garfield discusses how SQF aligns with FSMA. Mr. Garfield also covers what changes to SQF have been made, what companies who are or plan to be, SQF certified should be doing now for FSMA compliance, and much more.

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Webinar title brc

GFSI Leadership Series: BRC in the Age of FSMA

BRC Americas’ Director John Kukoly discusses how BRC aligns with FSMA. Mr. Kukoly also covers what changes to the BRC Global Standards have been made, what companies who are or plan to be BRC certified should be doing now for FSMA compliance.

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webinar title impact

The Impact of Food Safety & Quality Mobile Technology

Guest speakers Alejandro Canelos, CEO, Apache Produce Imports and Travis Connally, QA Technology Supervisor, SROriginals, take part in an interactive discussion on mobile tablet usage, operational efficiencies being achieved and lessons learned. […]

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webinar title achieve fsma

Achieving FSMA Compliance with BRC Global Standards

Getting prepared for FSMA compliance? Considering BRC or already certified? In this informative webinar, guest panelist John Kukoly, Director, BRC Americas, shares details on a new tool launched by BRC Global Standards to help companies meet FSMA requirements. John also discusses how the BRC scheme supports FSMA preventive control rules[…]

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