Track & Address Customer Complaints Efficiently


Collect and manage all of your nonconformance, product return, and complaint investigation data in a single integrated system. Track each complaint through as a case to ensure resolution. Use advanced data analytics to track trends for ongoing quality improvement and customer satisfaction. Connect complaints to lot and batch identifiers to ensure rigorous follow up and preventative measures.

Manage Complaints & Product Issues

Record issues as they arise for thorough, up-to-date, compliant recordkeeping. Leverage comprehensive reporting to analyze issues by supplier, product, customer, and other key characteristics. Uncover the causes of complaints and use insights to prevent similar complaints from recurring.

On demand audit - Audit Manager SafetyChain Software
Support FDA & Regulatory Requirements SafetyChain Software​

Support FDA & Regulatory Requirements

Simplify maintenance of records of written, electronic, and oral communications relating to quality, safety, and effectiveness of your products for regulatory oversight and reporting purposes. Exceed compliance requirements with a single unified system for tracking all of your customer feedback and unlock reporting.

Customer Complaints are a part of SafetyChain’s Quality Manager Solution