Audit Management

Automated Internal & External Audits


Traditional audit preparation is an extensive undertaking. Simply put, it takes too much time. Prevent the need to reach out to various departments for paperwork and gather and review documents with an automated solution that keeps your facility audit-ready. Reduce time and hassle for external audits, too.

Reduce Audit Preparation Time

Keep all of your records in one centralized location to retrieve files within moments for quick, easy audit prep. With all of your operational data in the cloud, you’ll never have to sift through binders or filing cabinets to find documents for customer and regulatory audits. Plus, set up secure profiles to give auditors access to only the data they need to see.

Plant Audit Management SafetyChain Software
Supplier Audit SafetyChain Software

Simplify Supplier Audits

Save time and reduce expenses by auditing your suppliers from anywhere. With a convenient, easy-to-use supplier portal, you can request and receive documents such as updated certificates. SafetyChain is available on any device and major operating system so your suppliers can access the portal with ease.

Internal Auditing Management SafetyChain Software

Learn about the Magic of Internal Auditing: Mistakes, Insights, & Advice from the Experts

Easy Audits with SafetyChain Software

On Demand Audits

Go into audits feeling well-prepared and confident in your facility’s compliance with the knowledge that all forms are built to prevent missing details on checks. Benefit from the built-in assurance of review and sign-off for all exceptions and photos that can be added to records, ensuring completeness and accuracy. Plus, built in reporting allows you to manage records by exception and resolve non-conformances as they occur to prioritize issues that demand immediate attention.

Audit Management is a part of SafetyChain’s Quality Manager Solution.