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From sending data via industrial automation from sensors, PLCs, and SCADA systems to accessing SafetyChain via Single Sign-On, to EHS and Covid-19 solutions, we offer a variety of services to support your plant’s success.

EHS Audits SafetyChain Software


Quickly resolve incidents with native mobile apps or using a web browser to tackle environmental concerns and support optimal health and safety issues. Track all incidents with customizable digital forms and build reports to track and trend environmental, health, and safety trends.

Corporate Audit

Equip your corporate audit team with tools to reduce audit preparation time and travel. Stop storing operational, safety, quality, and incident on paper and in filing cabinets. SafeyChain reduces manual efforts and simplifies the entire audit process.

SafetyChain Software Auditing
Full Potential OEE SafetyChain Software

OEE Data Automation

Maximize the accuracy and impact of your OEE program by automating data capture. Use standard OEE for automated data collection with APIs using standard banner sensors, or custom OEE using your own sensors and integrated software.

SafetyChain Executive Guide to Plant Management Software

Download the Executive Guide to Plant Management Software

Dynamic Flow

Save time by automating process with Dynamic Flow to automatically trigger activity based on rules built into your forms.

SafetyChain Software Task Scheduler - Web - iPad
Forms - DO - iPad - SafetyChain Software

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Configure a Single Sign-On to streamline users access to SafetyChain using your Enterprise Identity Management Services.

KPI Dashboard SafetyChain Software

Enterprise System API

Integrate with your existing enterprise systems through our real-time REST API. Connect ERP, WMS, LIMS, MES, inventory management, and more.

COVID-19 Solutions

Incredible challenges call for innovative solutions. In response to increased needs from customers, SafetyChain has developed three solutions to address the impact of COVID-19. They help food, beverage, and CPG manufacturers efficiently manage physical distancing measures, symptom screening, and travel restrictions. Several customers have already adopted the following solutions — find out how they can help your operations.

Management of COVID-19 Risk SafetyChain Software