Compliance: Always Be Audit Ready

Stop spending days getting ready for audits and be confident you’ll ace them

Non-Compliance is Not an Option for Manufacturers

As international, federal, local, and customer quality and safety requirements shift, you need the ability to check all the boxes before an auditor pays you a visit. Simply put, most teams spend too long on preparing for audits and still don’t have full confidence they have everything in those binders they need to pass. It’s frustrating.

Manufacturers Who Miss Compliance

Manufacturing operations are strained by increasing customer demands, supply chain issues, lack of skilled workers, and poor visibility to maintenance and safety needs. Each day may seem like an exercise in resource reallocation as issues arise – causing shift supervisors and plant managers to scramble in completing compliance documentation checks and approvals before the product is packaged and shipped.

If your operations are still using manual processes for quality and safety checks, relying on spreadsheets and paper documents that are copied and given to line workers to complete before the end of their shift, you’re putting your productivity and quality at risk. Missing one compliance check, using an outdated document, or not realizing there is a compliance issue immediately will result in line shut downs, rework, and possibly recalls.

Manufacturing Compliance
23% of recalls exceed $30 million

The Cost of Non-Compliance

Prevent quality and safety non-compliance
with SafetyChain

Error-Proof Your Compliance Records

Improve safety and compliance checks and processes via digital forms and APIs. Ensure your line workers are always checking the most up-to-date requirements and the custom form builder makes sure users never miss a documentation step. Plus, when any compliance issues are detected, real-time alerts notify supervisors to take the appropriate action such as review and sign-off.

Automate to Ensure Compliance

Ensure audit readiness by digitizing and automating compliance processes and machine metrics to reduce the risk of line rework or product recalls. Real-time access to all compliance data provides insights on process efficiencies, allowing you to make immediate improvements. Reduce errors that occur with manual in-process safety and quality checks to ensure end-to-end compliance without the hassle of paper documents. Saving time on these manual checks keeps your line focused on filling orders and reducing product holds.

“Using SafetyChain I was able to pull up records in a flash and leave our auditor with nothing but a quiet head nod.”

CJ DeLuca – Director FSQA | Death Wish Coffee